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(24 JULY, 1702 - 24 JULY, 2002)


It has been decided that a "decentralized" commemoration of this event is in order. It will be spread over an entire week and combine a scholarly conference with festivities designed for the public at large. The following program is a tentative one, open for discussion and possible changes.

First of all, it was suggested that a meeting be held at Florac with all the interested participants during the summer of 2001, so as to finalize the entire project. As far as its financing is concerned, a grant from the Council General of the Lozère Department has been requested.

Henri Mouysset has proposed to organize an excursion on foot to take place at night. Roger Lagrave has agreed to lead the march. The Minister serving the parishes of Mende and Florac, Roland Laipe, is ready to welcome a large number of participants at l'Hospitalet for a traditional gathering held on the last Sunday in July. The morning service is always an authentic "culte du Désert". The afternoon conferences are usually devoted to missionary work, but in this case (July 2002) they will be centered on the history of the Camisards in the same way as the Edict of Nantes was commemorated in 1998.

François Plassard and the team from "La nuit, le conte, la Cévenne" intend to show the film "Les Camisards". The projection will be on a large screen in the open, amid the ruins of the château de Saint Juilen d'Arpaon. A street fair will follow. A commemorative plaque is to be unveiled at the top of Mount Bougès or in the immediate vicinity. This is only a suggestion and the details of the project are open for suggestions.

The publisher Max Chaleil (Presses du Languedoc) will welcome the press at the conference to be held at the historic spot of the Pont de Montvert. Funding is being expected to cover the organization of the conference and the publication of the proceedings.

Patrick Cabanel


  • Monday, 22 July 2002: Public lecture by Jean-Claude Chabrol on the Fair of 22 July, 1702 location: Protestant church of Barre-des-Cévennes (open to all)
  • Tuesday, 23 July: Public lectures by Patrick Cabanel, Henri Mouysset and Pierre Rolland on the preparation of the revolt
    location: Protestant church of Saint Julien d'Arpaon (open to all)
  • Wednesday, 24 July: Unveiling of a commemorative plaque at the crossing known as Les Trois Fayards. Reading of texts by Napoleon Peyrat; night march to the Bridge at Montvert (Pont de Montvert) following the Camisards itinerary which will be clearly marked (open to all) location: at the top of the Bougès mountain, accessible by a foot path
  • Thursday 25 and Friday 26 July: Conference to commemorate the Tricentenary of the war outbreak location: Pont de Montvert, ecomuseum of Mount Lozère (open to all)
  • Friday 26 July or Saturday 27 July: Open air projection of René Allio's film "Les Camisards" followed by a street fair organized by the association "La nuit, le conte, la Cévenne" (tickets for sale) location: in the ruins of the château de Saint Julien d'Arpaon at 22:00 )
  • Sunday 28 July: Assemblée du Désert with open air religious service in the morning, picknick lunch and lectures in the afternoon location: Can de l'Hospitalet (open to all)